A messege from mr DCBMC

So, in the process of inquiring whether the Olde Ale House in Truro would like to host a repeat of last year’s Lite competition, I seem to have accidentally booked something for Saturday 18 February. Oh well, we’ll have to actually do something now! 😀

For those of you who don’t know, me and Clair suggested that we make them SWBC Lites this year, and we’re hoping it’ll get the club’s name out there and encourage even more people to join up. Terry and Kris are gonna need a pretty big army to take over the whole southwest penninsula, and run it as their own personal kingdom, right?

Other than the name change (and new medals, I guess?) it’ll be the same format. Less structured than the big comps, just turn up on the day, drink, and maybe win a prize.

All the proceeds go to charity, and Terry suggested the The Lions Barber Collective. I’m happy with that – what does everyone else think?

We’ll get details up dreckly. Anyone know if we can promote events made on this page to the wider FB public?

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