DCBMC ..Help needed

The DCBMC (Devon & Cornwall Beard and Moustache Championships) need help from the SWBC.

Promotion – both online and flyering

Raffle prizes from local companies

Local traders – interesting local companies whose product range suits our audience (eg clothes, gifts, sweets, cake). If anyone knows someone who might be suitable, send over their details – we haven’t confirmed cost and table size for traders yet, but will soon.

Someone child-friendly to hand out treasure hunt prizes (ideas for the treasure hunt would be great, too)

Helpful humans on the day – ticket desk (day and evening), merch stand, selling raffle tickets, rattling charity collection tins, nudging competitors when their category is called, helping with the treasure hunt…

The more warm bodies we have available, the less each person has to do – about 6 would be awesome.

If you want some flyers to hand out or stick up just give Mike or Clair a shout.

If you can help out with any of above me send a messege to either Clair Wellsbury-Nye or Mike Wellsbury-Nye

Terry & Kris

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